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Bylaws Pages 15-16
  1. TRUSTEES: The Yakima Alliance church shall have three trustees appointed by the governance authority.



  1. MISSIONS COMMITTEE: The Board of Elders shall appoint a Missions Committee of at least three members. This committee shall be a standing committee.


  1.  DISCIPLEMAKING MINISTRY COUNSEL:  The Board of Elders shall serve as the Disciplemaking Ministry Counsel.


  1. POSITION DESCRIPTIONS: The Board of Elders shall issue individual position descriptions for these and any other appointed or elected position in the church. Such position descriptions shall define responsibilities, delegate authority and specify accountability and are considered directive in nature.





A missions conference shall be held annually for the promotion and support of the worldwide work of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.


No Bylaw







Section 1. Property. This church may acquire, own, dispose of, improve, encumber, and convey property, real and personal, for church purposes, in conformity with the laws of the state where the property is situated.


Real property may be purchased, sold, conveyed, exchanged, mortgaged, or encumbered only by order of the membership through the governance authority in consultation with the district superintendent. In states where trustees are required, the order of the congregation shall proceed through them.


Section 2. Records. The official records of all officers of the church and all its departments are the property of the church. In the event of the death or resignation of the incumbent or upon the election of his successor, the current records of the office shall be passed on to the newly elected officer. All records other than current shall be kept in a secure repository selected by the governance authority.


Section 3. Audit. All financial records shall be examined annually or at more frequent intervals on order of the governance authority. At least three persons, none of whom is a financial officer or church staff member, shall be appointed by the governance authority to conduct the examination. They shall follow procedures set forth in the current edition of the Manual for Alliance Church Treasurers (and Pastors) The governance authority shall authorize actions to conform with additional audit standards that may be required by the jurisdiction in which the church is located.


No Bylaw




A Nominating Committee shall consist of the senior pastor, two elected by but not necessarily from the governance authority, and two elected by the membership at least one month prior to the annual meeting. Members of the Nominating Committee shall be members of this church and shall be elected by ballot at a regular or special meeting of the governance authority or membership meeting, respectively. The governance authority and the congregation shall elect by ballot from among at least four nominees respectively.








Bylaw Article XIII - Nominating Committee


1.      The Nominating Committee shall present one name for each office to be filled at the Annual Election.  They shall obtain their nominee�s consent prior to posting the nominee�s name.


2.      The Nominating Committee shall begin its work at least four (4) weeks before the Annual Elections and shall post its nominations at least two (2) Sundays before the election.


3.      Any Member may make additional nominations provided:


a.      Prior to approaching the nominee the Member checks with the Nominating Committee to be certain that the nominee meets any eligibility requirements to their satisfaction.


b.      The nominee has given their consent prior to the election.





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