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Bylaws Pages 9-10

Any member of the pastoral staff may resign from this church by giving due notice of this intention to the district superintendent and the governance authority. The governance authority may in conjunction with the district superintendent ask for the resignation of any member of the pastoral staff. Before such action is taken, the governance authority and that member shall follow the guidelines as prescribed by the district superintendent. The district superintendent with the approval of the District Executive Committee shall have the authority to remove or transfer a member of the pastoral staff when the governance authority is in disagreement or whenever circumstances make such removal or transfer advisable.


Bylaw Article VIII - Pastoral Staff



The governance authority, independent of pastoral involvement, may consult with the district superintendent regarding staffing issues.




  1. Staff salaries and benefits shall be presented to the congregation for approval as part of the budget at the annual congregational budget meeting through the report of the treasurer. The Board of Elders may consult with the district superintendent as may be deemed necessary in making the appropriate recommendations.


  1. Vacations, pulpit supply, etc. of the pastor(s) shall be determined by the Board of Elders.










Section 1. Senior Pastor. The senior pastor shall have oversight of this church. He shall be chairman of the governance authority except as he may choose to proceed according to the provisions in Article VI. He shall preside at all regular or special meetings of the church membership. He is a member ex officio of all church committees and organizations. When the membership has no pastor, the chairman or vice chairman of the governance authority shall have oversight of the church in conjunction with the district superintendent. The senior pastor shall be the president of this church where such office is required by law.


Section 2. Secretary. The secretary shall keep the minutes of membership meetings and conduct the correspondence of this church as directed by the governance authority. The secretary shall attend and keep minutes of other meetings as specified in the local church Bylaws.


Section 3. Treasurer. The treasurer shall receive all monies of this church except monies given in freewill offerings toward the pastor's support and those offering referred to in Article X - Section 2, and missionary monies when there is not a missionary treasurer. The treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of all bills on the order of the governance authority as specified in the local church Bylaws, keeping proper book records of all transactions and filing canceled vouchers and receipts for payments made. The governance authority shall determine where funds of the church shall be kept. No offerings shall be solicited from the membership except upon approval of the governance authority.


Section 4. Missionary Treasurer. When required by local church Bylaws, the missionary treasurer shall account for all missionary monies and oversee the forwarding of the same to the treasurer of The Christian and Missionary Alliance on or before the 10th of the following month.


Section 5. Assistant Treasurer. The assistant treasurer shall, with another person or persons appointed by governance authority, be responsible to count all monies except freewill offerings given toward the support of a pastor, and keep a separate record of all receipts. The assistant treasurer may be empowered by the Bylaws to issue receipts to the donors.


Bylaw Article IX - Duties of Church Officers


A.     SECRETARY. The elected secretary shall attend and keep the minutes of all congregational meetings and Financial Board meetings.


B.      POSITION DESCRIPTIONS: The Board of Elders shall issue individual position descriptions regarding the above positions. Such position descriptions shall define responsibilities, delegate authority and specify accountability and are considered directive in nature.





Section 1. Elders. The elders shall be male members of this church and shall be elected as specified in the church Bylaws.  With authority from Christ the Chief Shepherd and confirmed by the church membership, the pastor and the other elders are the highest level of servant leadership in the local church. As undershepherds, elders shall serve with the senior pastor to oversee the local church and its ministries to accomplish Christ´┐Żs mission. They shall be the Committee on Discipline in accordance with the Uniform Policy on Discipline, Restoration, and Appeal of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.


Section 2. Deacons. The deacons shall be members of this church and shall be appointed or elected as specified in the local church Bylaws. The deacons shall have charge of those ministries and charities of the church as specified in the Bylaws, receive offerings for such purposes and dispense the same and make monthly reports as directed. Where there are no deacons the governance authority shall assume responsibility for their ministries until such are elected or appointed.

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