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Bylaw Change Summary

Bylaw Proposal Summary


            In order to meet the requirements of our denomination�s national policy, we have undertaken writing a new set of bylaws.  The changes are several and they are significant.  May of the bylaws are the same as we have operated under for years, but the format for presenting them to you is quite different.  This sheet is intended to highlight the major changes.


            The new format includes the Alliance Constitution.  The Constitution is stated in normal font and our related bylaws follow in italics.  Our bylaws are required to be consistent with national standards.  Bylaws are intended to provide overall structure for our body and meet legal requirements, but will not address every area of ministry.  That is by intention as any changes to the bylaws require a two-third majority vote of our membership present at a duly called meeting.  More detailed guidelines for ministry issues are dealt with on a policy level that is more flexible and easier to change as needed.  We will be working to develop policy in the coming year that will help to facilitate effective ministry and communication.


Major Changes:

         Page 4, F-1-b:  Members can ask that their membership be terminated by written notice to the elder board.

         Page 7, A:  The Board of Elders is affirmed as the �governance authority�.  This change brings our bylaws into compliance with national policy.  The Board of Elders will handle more of business, staffing decisions, etc. 

         Page 7, B and following:  Changes the name of our Governing Board to the �Financial Board�.  The duties and scope of that board is delegated by the Board of Elders.

         Page 7, D-1:  Changes the make-up of the Elder Board by discontinuing having associate pastors officially serving as elders.  This change was recommended by our District Superintendent. 

         Page 8, D-2:  This change allows the Senior Pastor to appoint a representative to the Financial Board other than himself.

         Page 13, C-2-b & Page 14, D-2-b:  Formerly a representative to the Financial Board (Governing Board) was elected from the combined deacon boards.  This change will allow a representative from each of the Deacon and Deaconess boards.


The above changes also affect other bylaws.  For instance, some of the duties that the Governing Board had performed will now be Board of Elder responsibilities. 


Questions or suggestions regarding the bylaw can be directed to Derek Sutton.  Derek�s email is:  sutton@prediletto.net , phone:  965-5860.



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