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December 2004

From the Pastor’s Pen

It looks more and more like the Christmas holiday season is definitely shifting into high gear. It seems to me that most people today long for a very special Christmas. That’s why they spend so much time on decorations, gifts, and party planning. But once the big Day arrives, many are left feeling exhausted —– and broke! And, maybe also a little flat, as if all our celebrations were lacking in joy and awe.

Let me ask you, Is your December schedule so filled with activities and holiday chores that you have no time to experience the true wonder of the season? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why Yakima Alliance Church from December 5 through January 2 will be entering into an exciting new series “Experience Something New this Christmas—A Season of Wonder!!!” During the next six events, including the Christmas Eve celebrations, we’ll discover practical ways to open our heart’s door to what’s most important in the Christmas Celebration. This is also an excellent way and an excellent time of year to introduce your un-churched friends to Jesus. Towards that end, as the city around us gears up to celebrate yet another Christmas and New Year, our church is going to reach out with the true reason for the season—Jesus.

A couple of ways we plan to do this are (1) Distribute 400 door hangers in the section of the city located near our church on Dec. 4th from 12-2 p.m. (volunteers needed), and (2) Distribute a packet of four or five invitation cards to each family in church to give to our neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers.

Wouldn’t it be tremendous if everybody brought an un-churched guest with them during these five services? Lets pray and prepare that this season will truly be a “Season of Wonder.”

In Him,

Pastor Jonathan

TBIYTC (The best is yet to come!)

Get Connected

Keep posted for more details about a CARE Group Connection event taking place in early January. The purpose of the Connection is to provide a quick and easy way for those not yet involved in a small group to get plugged in and experience what CARE Group life is all about.

Our church is committed to the Biblical model of discipleship that is best done in the context of people learning to be like Jesus by seeing Him lived out in ordinary people, just like yourself. At the Connection, everyone will have the opportunity to “Get Connected” with a leader and group and begin the journey of discovering what God has in store for them through small group life.

The WoRM is Coming!

WoRM (Workshop Rotation Method) of teaching Sunday School is almost here. Teachers and planners have been meeting the past several weeks under the leadership of Joel Hubble to prepare for the beginning of this new approach to our children’s Community Bible Hour.

WoRM adds lots of creativity and consistency as children focus on a Bible truth for several weeks in a row, rotating between various workshops that explore the same theme from differing modes of instruction. Music, drama, crafts, games, and a whole host of other activities are utilized to truly cement the principles and truth of God’s Word into the hearts and minds of our children.

Sunday, December 5th, is the launch date with a three Sunday rotation featuring the Christmas story. In January, WoRM will be coordinated with Pastor Jonathan’s teaching through the Gospel of John.

If you have children aged kindergarten—5th grade, you will want to check out WoRM. But be warned, once you see how much fun they are having and how much they are learning, you might have to make CBH an every Sunday priority.

What a great idea!


There’s room for you, your friends and our visitors! Until we go to two services on January 9th, we need to be intentional about doing what we can to accommodate growth. Would you help us out? Some things you can do:

If you are physically able, park in the South area of the parking lot to make room for guests and those who have a harder time walking.

Scoot towards the middle of the row you’re sitting in to allow others coming later to be able to find seats.

Sit in the front. Yes, those rows all the way down front are for sitting inJ.

Be warm and friendly to everyone, especially those who are new to our fellowship.

Invitation is the Key to Opening a Heart’s Door

All are welcome next Saturday, December 4th, from Noon—2 p.m. as we reach out to our immediate neighborhood by inviting them to visit our church during the Christmas season. Our goal is to invite every household within the boundaries of 32nd to 40th Avenues and Nob Hill Blvd. To Tieton Drive.

We will have attractive invitation door hangers so that even if people aren’t home, they will know that they are welcome to come. You might think this sounds kind of scary, but it is really a lot of fun and a great way to show the love of Jesus to those in our “Jerusalem.” Our purpose is not to convert but simply to invite and let our smiles and friendliness be the first step in introducing them to Jesus.

Ladies, the WOW Cookie Exchange starts at 2:00 p.m. that same afternoon so come out a little bit early and work up an appetite! Dads, bring your children along and make it a family event your kids won’t soon forget!

W.O.W.—Women of the Word

First Event, Big Hit!

Fellowship Hall— The first event of WOW was held Monday, November 15th. A large turnout of approximately 55 ladies attended the Soup Supper. Some music and a couple testimonies were given s part of a mini-program, but for the most part, one could see and hear many women enjoying themselves.

This fellowship time for women of the church will take place once a month. The planners have aimed at scheduling the event on a different day of the week each subsequent month to allow for more women to attend at least some time during the year.

The next event is just around the corner. Saturday, December 4, from 2-4:00 pm, there will be a Christmas Cookie Exchange. Please bring 4 dozen homemade cookies. You’ll bring home 3 dozen. The extra dozen will be shared with our friends who can’t make it or just need a day brightener! Dawn Golladay will be our speaker.

Check your calendars to see which WOW events you can attend. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone the Lord puts on your heart, are welcome. Don’t hesitate to invite them! Several visitors attended the Soup for the Soul event and we enjoyed their company!


Saturday, December 4th 2:00-4:00 pm, Christmas Cookie Exchange

Tuesday, January 11th 6:30-8:00 pm

Thursday, February 10th 6:30-8:00 pm, Soup

Saturday, March 5th 10:00 am –noon, Brunch

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