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August 2004

New Senior Pastor Called!

It’s official! Jonathan Langford will begin his ministry with us starting September 1st. Jonathan, his wife, Naomi, their 4 children (plus the one on the way) will be leaving Lexington, Kentucky later this month and traveling to Yakima.

Our search process, bathed in prayer, was comprehensive including developing profiles of our church, community and the qualities necessary in the man that God would use to lead us. Those profiles were submitted to our district staff for approval and three candidate’s resumes were sent to us for our consideration. One candidate stood out greatly over the others; Jonathan Langford.

Jonathan had already been to our church for our Spring missions emphasis, which gave our elders an informal opportunity to get to know him. Later, we invited Jonathan and Naomi out for a visit, during which time they met with the combined elder, governing, deaconess and deacon boards. The elders and most of their wives also met with the Langfords for dinner and individually and in small groups. Jonathan and Naomi were well prepared for these meetings, having developed their own list of talking points.

During that visit Jonathan had the opportunity to preach and entertained questions before and during the church picnic. They also attended one of our care groups before returning to Lexington.

Subsequently, we e-mailed the Langfords a questionnaire consisting of 95 questions concerning various aspects of their potential life and ministry at the Yakima Alliance Church. Their response to these questions was positive in every respect, and reflected their genuine desire to minister for Christ, no matter where He places them.

Our elders were impressed with two characteristics of this couple. First, they are people of the Book, and second, they are people of good character who desire to serve the body and reach out to those who do not know Christ. Their desire is to equip us for ministry and evangelism, train our present leadership, and raise up new leaders from among us.

Since their last visit, the elders have been in frequent contact with the Langfords and the District Office. We have checked a number of references, some of which were given to us by Jonathan and Naomi, and some of which we ferreted out ourselves. In the context of their service to the CMA, we talked with their peers, their supervisors, and those whom they supervised. These reference checks reflected the same characteristics of integrity and service to the Master which were reflected in the talking points they used during their last visit, their response to the 95 questions we sent them and our discussions with Kelvin Gardiner and the rest of the District Office staff.

It was hoped that Jonathan could visit one more time to be able to interact with those who had not yet had that chance.

Based on much prayer and the pastoral search process described above, the Elder Board of the Yakima Alliance Church has extended an offer to Jonathan and Naomi Langford to join us as Senior Pastor and Wife.

Please continue to pray for our body and the Langfords as we prepare for arrival and ministry with us. The three biggest prayer requests they have are: 1. moving, including packing, saying goodbyes, and traveling across country for a week or so in a ten-year-old van with four kids, 2. finding a suitable, affordable rental for at least the first year and then furnishing it, and 3. transitioning from being a missionary on home assignment back to the pastorate.

You Can Help...

With the Langfords not having owned a house and the fact that they have most recently worked on the mission field in Mongolia, our new senior pastor and his family have few household items. Rhonda Shepard will be coordinating the donation of the things necessary to set up their home in Yakima.

Our district Alliance Women’s Missionary Supply Closet staff wants to help out with what they can from their stock. They will be communicating with us soon on how they can be a blessing. We will have a display in the church foyer soon to let you know how you can help. Contact Rhonda at 972-0900 with questions or if you have available room to store gathered items until they can be used.



Yakima Alliance is gearing up for SUMMER Vacation Bible School. Behind every great program is a group of dedicated and willing helpers. Would you please consider and pray about ways you can help minister not only to kids from our own church, but children in our neighborhood as well?

The dates are August 16-20, 6-8 p.m. Look for a flyer in the foyer for ways you can help. If you have questions, call Sara Bos at 248-0338 or Monika Immel at 966-5707.


MAKING CHILDREN MIND WITHOUT LOSING YOURS   Check out this great opportunity for growth and outreach. We have recently purchased a video-aided series by Dr. Kevin Leman that will bring practical help and encouragement to parents & teachers and others. During VBS August 16-20, Jim and Nance Paine will be facilitating these lessons:

DARING TO BE COURAGEOUS: Putting Reality Discipline into Action
- Reality discipline defined and applied
- Seven principles of reality discipline
- Avoiding the culprit of inconsistency
- Reward and punishment: problems and possibilities
- How a child's perception of self is influenced by teacher/parent response
WHY KIDS MISBEHAVE: Understanding Why Kids Do What They Do!
- How to determine your child's birth order
- How birth order determines your child's behavior
- Three reasons why children misbehave
- Practical tips for handling kids when they misbehave
- Maintaining the balance of discipline and self-control
BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE: Maintaining Authority without Being an Authoritarian!
- Understand the clear distinction between the parents' role and the child's role
- Three types of parent/authority figures and how to determine which you are
- Making rules, building relationships, and dealing with rebellion
- Creating an environment of freedom with accountability
- Building self-discipline in kids through boundaries, curfews and responsibilities
Communicating Respect with Teenagers

- Seven ways to be a teenagers friend
Practical tips fro getting along with teenagers
- How love and respect between mates and other adults produce a model your teenagers must see
- Understanding the value of open, non-threatening communication
- How to be R-E-A-L with teenagers so they will enjoy being around you
THE ABC'S OF SELF-IMAGE: Helping Kids Feel Good about Themselves for All the Right Reasons!
- Why teachers and parents must be encouragers instead of flaw-pickers
- Giving your kids the gift of accepting themselves for who they are
- How to make home a place where kids belong, not a hotel where they bunk
- How to help kids develop competence, resourcefulness and self-respect
- How to help children feel that they belong in a blended family
Turning Everyday Hassles into Everyday Successes!

- How to keep the ball of responsibility in the kids' court
- Understand what produces obedience in a child in the first place
- Balancing your kids' activities for a more balanced life
- How to develop a strategy for TV, dinnertime, bedtime and chore time
- How teachers and parents work together to help children grow to be respectful, responsible and resourceful
We will double up with 2 lessons one night to make sure that we cover everything. Please use this great series as an outreach tool. Invite your unchurched friends to come with you and learn new parenting skills in the relaxed atmosphere of the Youth Center. Registration sheets will be available in the church foyer or can be phoned in to the church office. Helpful flyers that you can give to others will also be available. Already signed up to help with VBS?? No worries, we’ll be offering this series again soon.



IT’S GETTING CLOSER!! This Fall, our church will be participating in a 40 Days of Purpose Campaign, which will run for seven weekends beginning September 26 and ending November 21. This spiritual growth Campaign is designed to answer life’s most important question: “What on earth am I here for?” The events of the Campaign will give us opportunities to commit to habits of spiritual growth, memorize scripture, participate in a care group and/or Sunday School fellowship, serve in a ministry in our church, share our faith, and learn to live a lifestyle of worship to the glory of God. We are excited as we envision our entire congregation living in alignment with God’s purposes for their lives, and the impact this could have on our church and our community!

There are lots of ways that you can help. We are looking for 50 families to host care groups for the 40 Days of Purpose. It is a simple, but vital ministry. All that is needed is a TV and VCR and a willingness to watch God work.

There are many other ways that you can help with the campaign. Please talk to Mark Washam about how you can use your gifts and abilities to help others find a relationship with Jesus Christ and Christians grow in their understanding of their purpose this side of eternity.



Is God prompting you to welcome and serve our children in some way? A great place to start is volunteering one Sunday per quarter to help care for our children during our worship time. Join the many in our body who serve this way. Your small part touches the lives and hearts of our children, our parents, and Jesus.

Men, women, and youth ages 6th grade and up are encouraged to respond. You may use the registration insert in your bulletin, contact Mark Washam at 966-9111, or email the church office. Please respond by August 15th so you may be included in the Fall quarter schedule.


Big Changes for the Alliance Women’s Work Day! 

Have you heard that the Alliance Women's Work Day has moved to the 2nd Thursday of each month and is meeting in the evening?!  That's right... at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall

That’s not all! Something else that is changing is the name... and who is invited to come.  We are now including MEN and YOUTH, so the new name of this gathering is: Alliance Missions Project Night. Come on out, bring your scissors and enjoy some good fellowship!


Men’s Prayer Breakfast Changing Days

The weekly Men's Prayer Breakfast has moved to Friday mornings. Any man is welcome to join the good food, fellowship and spiritual encouragement as we work through the 'Purpose Driven Life' book. We meet from 6:30AM to about 7:30AM. If you have never checked us out, please do, breakfast is on us.


Thank You, Deacon Boards!!

Our Deacons and Deconesses have been working hard on various projects around our church. Thank you for all your hard work in providing for the practical needs of our body.

Thanks, too for those who have “adopted a plot” and cared for a planting bed. More are available for adoption on the foyer display.



  • Wooten Junior Camp (grades 3-5): Saturday – Wednesday, August 7-11
  • HS/MS Silverwood Trip: August 13-15, 6-8pm
  • Vacation Bible School: Monday – Friday, August 16 - 20
  • Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours series: Monday - Friday, August 16-20
  • Jonathan Langford’s 1st official day of ministry with us: September 1st
  • This Fall: Purpose Driven Life!

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