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Davelaars in Namibia

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Brian & Linda will be visiting us the weekend of Nov. 26-28, 2004

Latest Prayer requests

Prayer and Praises for the week of July 19, 2004

Please note that our latest prayer letter is available for download from our web site (address at bottom of this note.) Click on the link 'Prayer Letters Online' at the bottom of our home page. OR if you are on our mailing list wait a week or two and you will get one via postal mail.


Praise God with us in that during the months of March through June of this year, those involved with us in the ministry here in Tsumeb, taught 1073 NEW children and there were 350 decisions to receive Christ!

After many tests and not a few visits to the doctor it appears Brian is on the road to recovery. It was an intestinal infection that does seem to be clearing up under new medicine, and not the knife as it was looking for a while.

Praise God that our work, even teacher training, went on without us as we were absent from Tsumeb for Biran's medical tests. This was a taste of what is to come as that is why we came to Namibia, to train them and turn it over to them.

All reports that we have heard indicate the 'All Africa' CEF Conference was a tremendous time of encouragement for all who attended.

It appears the training Otjiwarongo will have to wait until we return, praise God for His knowledge of timing issues.

Prayer Requests:

Today, our National Director, Kobus, will be starting a few days of visit with us. Pray that this would be a good time of review of our ministry and that our conversations would be blessed by God.

Pray for a meeting, Friday, with a Numbian who may be interested in financially supporting the work in Tsumeb. This is important as it will be necessary for the support of those, like Trudie and Gabes, who are interested in full time work.

Pray for Mike & Cindy Buhrke, and family, as they are traveling about Namibia and South Africa over the next couple weeks with her parents from the States. Cindy is one of our key teachers and will play a role in our absence during furlough. Pray also that we will be able to handle her club without her & Mike as the attendance is quite large.

Pray for the next two weeks of club. These will be the last two weeks that we teach before we leave for furlough. We usually stop club a couple weeks before the school term ends so as not to interfere with the children's exams.

Also pray for many arrangements that we must make before returning to the States the end of August for a 4 month furlough. Quickly, these are some of the items or concerns:

That Kevin's grades will hold-up so that missing one school term will not have a big adverse impact.

For our preparation of materials, for our teachers, for at least six weeks of teaching while we are gone.

For arrangements concerning our home and pets.

For our travel arrangements - partially answered.

For a car that we can use while in the Pacific Northwest (Mid-Sept. to Mid-Jan.)


Helping You Evangelize Children

Brian & Linda Davelaar


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