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Himself: Have You Yielded?



Is your body yielded to Christ for Him thus to indwell and work through?  The Lord Jesus Christ has a body like yours, except that it is perfect.  His is the body not of a man but of the Son of man.  Have you considered why He is called the Son of man?  The title means that Jesus Christ is the one typical, comprehensive, universal, all-inclusive Man.  Jesus is the one Man who contains in Himself all that man ought to be, all that man needs to have.  All the fullness of the Godhead and the fullness of perfect manhood have been embodied in Christ, and He stands now as the summing up of all that man needs.  His spirit is all that our spirits need.  His body possesses all that our bodies need.  He has a heart beating with the strength that our hearts need.  He has a heart beating with the strength that our hearts need.  He has organs and functions redundant with life not for Himself but for humanity.


Jesus does not need strength for Himself.  The energy that enabled Him to rise from the tomb above all the forces of nature was not for Himself.  That marvelous body belongs to our bodies.  We are members of His body.  Our hearts have a right to draw from His heart all that they need.  Our physical lives have a right to draw from His physical life their support and strength.  It is not us, but it is the precious life of the Son of God.


Will you take Him as your life?  You will not merely be healed, but you will have a new life for all your needs � a flood of life that will sweep disease away and remain a fountain of life for all your future need.  Take Him in His fullness!

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